Digital Peace of Mind


With our selection of best-in-kind solutions for IT, OT and IIoT, blended with highly experienced professionals and excellent service, we empower our clients by helping to detect, prevent cyber attacks, and reduce risks to operational infrastructure, processes and business continuity.


ApolloX is a Mexican company focused on cybersecurity services, safeguarding operational networks in diverse industries.
We are the ideal Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), relaying on our highly competitive professional team, cutting-edge technology, and excellent customer service.

ApolloX is backed up by two great companies: Apollocom, a branch of Apollo group with more than 10 years of experience in the national market on designing and implementing telecommunications, automation, telemetry, and traffic management in airports. Additionally, Illuminant, an Israel company with decades of experience in planning and execution on multilayered defense strategies for critical infrastructures, elimination of digital breaches and organic development of its capabilities.

  • Let us protect your critical assets – with our decades of experience in the private and public sectors
  • Let us do the tech-scouting and due diligence for your CISOs and CIOs – and bring the Israeli Cyber-ecosystem to your doorstep
  • Focus on your main business efforts – while we operate diligently to maintain business continuity and digital sanity
  • Allow us to be your integrator – our methodology outpaces traditional integrators – to efficiently fill in your digital gaps, and build your long-term organic capacities
  • We bring you a mission oriented and result driven culture
  • Decades of experience in planning & execution – in government, military, and in Critical Infrastructure IT projects, and security in compliance with global standards.
  • Multi-layered defense strategy for critical infrastructure – extensive knowledge and experience.
  • MSSP Director – Former Cyber Security Director in NISA (National Information Security Authority) – SCADA sector and Cyber Security Director of Ben Gurion National Airport
  • Vast Control & Automation consultancy experience


Digital Asset Peace of Mind – Made Possible

Our Cyber Transformation Process

We help you understand gaps, strategize, design & implement asset defenses and create financial value

Senior Designer
Unique Asset Assessment

Executive Designer Thinktank
Transformation Roadmap

Project Designer

Fit-to-Scale Resilience Building



The ApolloX SOC – Offering

Joint IT & OT Cybersecurity Coverage

  • 360 degrees of cybersecurity solutions & services – with your current solutions, reinforcing gaps, agnostic to a specific vendor
  • People-Process-Technology Methodology
  • Cross sectoral OT & IT security capable
  • Technology – the best, continuous due diligence, dedicated to solving the problem
  • Transformation process – a team dedicated to your needs – from a cyber designer to a project manager

Cross-Sectoral OT MSSP for SMBs & Enterprise

  • Suitable for every OT network
  • Full support, 24/7 monitoring & detection
  • Preventive response
  • Actuator rooted monitoring
  • Anomaly detection
  • Zero-day OT attacks detection
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero additional manpower
  • Tier 1 Out-of-band monitoring
  • Tier 2 Out-of-band monitoring OT LAN based on PRM or IDS OT vendors
  • Fully separated from OT network
  • Highly qualified personnel with vast OT engineering & Cyber-OT defense experience
  • Strong OT IR team providing Tier 2/3 response

Complementos de TO


Desarollo de capacidades TO & TI como proyecto

  • Creación de protocolo para capacidades IR – 14 días laborables
  • Laboratorio Forense para hardware TO + Instalaciones de SW
  • Desarrollo de Laboratorio Forense – 60 días laborables
  • 2 sesiones de entrenamiento para el equipo local – 10 días de trabajo


Desarrollo de capacidades IR Personalizadas

Proyecto Personalizado de Creación de Equipos de Respuesta y Recuperación de TO

  • Prepararse para la Respuesta a Incidentes requiere Ingenieros de Control de Procesos en sitio con experiencia en TO & TI en el proceso de manufactura.
  • El Protocolo de IR – TO & TI a Emergencia se construye a través de un análisis profundo de TO & TI – para identificar riesgos, incorporar tecnologías y procesos para mitigarlos.
  • El laboratorio forense Nivel 2/3 (Tier 2 & 3) se instala – on prem – como parte de la arquitectura de infraestructura de seguridad TO &TI.
  • El Equipo de seguridad calificado y capacitado para gestionar incidentes Nivel 1 (Tier 1).
  • Soporte Nivel 2/3 24×7 como parte del paquete de servicio

Customized OT Response & Recovery Model

OT IR Preparedness

IT MSSP Virtual CISO, Bundle Offering

Virtual CISO Offering

AI Powered Automation Platform

Online Reputation Management - ORM

  • Reputation Management has developed into a significant effort of businesses to harness opportunities and manage risks arising from public perception. 
  • We protect your brand and defend individuals in your company to make sure you can focus on your main business efforts.
  • The service prevents reputational damage from developing into a major threat to business continuity! 


Tech-Scouting, Due Diligence, in and out of OT & IT

Best-in-Kind Safety & Security Enhancements

  • Technologies From our network of bright startups and established vendors – physical & virtual security enhancements
  • Some examples:



Apollocom – con décadas de experiencia en el suministro de soluciones inteligentes con los más altos estándares de seguridad, calidad, integridad e innovación, se ha asociado con Illuminant, un integrador de ciberseguridad Israelí.

El liderazgo de Illuminant tiene una experiencia incomparable en el mundo gubernamental, de defensa y corporativo.

Nuestro equipo conjunto de diseñadores y gerentes de proyectos siempre tendrá la experiencia sobresaliente necesaria para brindar resultados optimos.

Celery Wetsen
UI/UX Designer
Celery Wetsen
UI/UX Designer
Celery Wetsen
UI/UX Designer